About Us

Many volunteers are needed to staff the important positions for events scheduled at Jacobs Music Center and Embarcadero Marina Park South. Volunteers augment a small core of paid staff for nearly every front-of-house function, interacting heavily with patrons to ensure a pleasant experience.

We utilize volunteers to staff over 100 events a year, ranging from all types of musical concerts to corporate events, movies, and comedians. In addition, we also rely heavily on volunteers to support San Diego Symphony concerts and rental events at Embarcadero Marina Park South.

The volunteer ushers are also expected to enforce Jacobs Music Center policies. For a list of rules involving both patrons and the ushers themselves, click here to download the Jacobs Music Center usher handbook in Adobe format.

Ushers at Embarcadero Marina Park South have a different set of policies to enforce and those can be seen by downloading the Summer Pops Handbook in Adobe format.

Ushers should be prepared to answer questions from patrons concerning Jacobs Music Center.

You must be at least 18 years of age to be an usher.